Andy started out in Special Effects and Prosthetic Makeup in 2012 after previously working in the late 90's in the scenic art department of the Liverpool Playhouse Theatre. Whilst working in the Playhouse, in between shifts and productions, Andy spent his spare time in the makeup department learning different skills. He also worked on other productions for TV during this period of time such as Brookside.

After taking a sabbatical to look after his wife who fell ill after the birth of their first daughter, Andy used this time self-teaching himself prosthetic makeup techniques and skills, building on what he had learned during his time in theatre, with many skills transferable.


Over the next few years Andy would hone his skills attending industry trade events and demoing in front of students and industry professionals alike, earning himself respect for the quality of his work as well as his professionalism.

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Andy would further progress his fledgling career over the next few years working on a number of low budget movies, web-series and short films which helped him cut his teeth in the industry and learn much about his own skills and what he needed to do to improve to help him succeed in the industry.

As Andy's career progressed, he found himself getting bigger jobs working on commercials and higher profile TV shows, working with and learning from top industry professionals, furthering his knowledge and skillset. He also made the move into tutoring students and other makeup artists at the start of their journey, running workshops and courses, while continuing to demo at trade and industry events, with some of his work being published in top industry and genre magazines.


Andy has built himself a good, solid reputation as a prosthetic makeup artist in the UK and is proficient in sculpting, mould making, prop making and blood rigging. Andy is available for all productions.